Your Gums Could be in Danger

Your Gums Could be in Danger

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While you may be diligent in keeping your teeth looking good for the sake of your smile, you may not give much thought to your gums most of the time. However, if those gums become infected, the consequences can be severe and

Are Veneers Right for You?

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There are many options in cosmetic dentistry today that promise to give you the whiter, beautiful smile you have always wanted. One of the simplest procedures for achieving this goal is dental veneers. These thin coverings go over the teeth

Oral Hygiene in Your Beauty Regimen

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When you are taking steps to keep your skin and body looking as healthy as possible, don’t forget to add your teeth to your daily beauty routine. A healthy mouth leads to a bright, beautiful smile, fresher breath and a greater sense

Is Your Retainer Suffering from Neglect?

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A retainer is a standard part of any orthodontic treatment. This device is used to keep your teeth in their new, straighter position after the braces come off. Proper use and care of your retainer is a vital part of the success

The Lowdown on Dental Botox

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Botox has earned its reputation as the go-to wrinkle treatment, but the medication is actually much more versatile than simply smoothing out facial lines. Long before its cosmetic use, doctors had known about at least a few of the medical benefits Botox