The Perfect Smile – No Metal Involved

You may be surprised to know that the benefits of having properly aligned teeth extend far beyond a confident smile. Crooked and misaligned teeth are not only unsightly, but they can also make cleaning teeth difficult. Teeth that cannot be properly cleaned can eventually contract periodontal disease. This risks gum and bone damage, as well as tooth loss.

Getting braces is not an exciting prospect for anyone. For a large number of people, the idea of having metal and wires in their mouths, attached to their teeth for two years or more is enough to cause them to postpone or forgo orthodontic treatment. Whether its due to job pressures, social or medical issues, a large number of people do not want traditional metal braces.

If you’re considering straightening your teeth, but just can’t let the look of metal braces interfere with your smile, La Jolla Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics has got the perfect solution for you. Dr. Kami Kohani offers Invisalign, an option that could permanently correct your alignment issues without you experiencing any of the drawbacks of traditional braces.

Invisalign has revolutionized the way people straighten their teeth. Here are some of the many advantages to using the Invisalign system:

Eat Whatever You Want

Traditional braces make eating certain things a challenge, such as popcorn, candy and chewing gum because the can easily get stuck between your teeth and the braces. With Invisalign, you have the freedom to eat whatever you want.

Remove the Device at Anytime

You can take the Invisalign straighteners out whenever you need to and put them back in without compromising your treatment. Because they can be easily removed for cleaning, Invisalign will reduce the damage normally caused by wearing braces, including gum disease and cavities.

Safety and Comfort

Conventional braces can puncture and scratch the inside of the mouth and gums. Invisalign is smooth and comfortable. There are no sharp or protruding edges.

Fewer Office Visits

Traditional braces require more frequent visits for tightening and correction. With Invisalign, the patient typically needs to visit the orthodontists every four to six weeks.

Protective Gear

Once you’re done with your Invisalign treatment, instead of a wired-in retainer that makes speech and cleaning difficult, you will have a clear mouth guard to keep your teeth straight. It will also protect your teeth from grinding.

How the Invisalign Process Works

Once you are ready to move forward with the Invisalign treatment, Dr. Kami Kohani will take precise measurements of the current position of your teeth. The results will be sent to Invisalign where, with 3-D computer imaging technology, they will create a series of clear aligners that are custom-made just for your teeth in order to match the treatment plan prescribed by Dr. Kohani. Each custom aligner will move your teeth incrementally for about two weeks, then will be replaced by the next aligner in the series until your teeth are slowly moved into their final positions.

Aligners should be worn all day, except when you eat or brush and floss your teeth. You may experience a feeling of pressure or a little temporary discomfort after a new aligner is placed. As with most types of orthodontic treatments, your speech may be temporarily affected by the aligners. If your speech changes slightly, your tongue will adjust quickly, within a couple of days, and your speech will return to normal.

Schedule your Invisalign consultation with Dr. Kohani to find out how quickly and simply you can start straightening your teeth and keep on smiling with comfortable invisible braces.

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