Our Testimonials

I was referred to Dr. Kami Kohani over 15 years ago when I broke my front tooth and was devastated. However, Dr. Kohani is so skilled and such a perfectionist. He was able to fix my tooth without having to cap it. I was extremely happy with the results and after all these years he is still my trusted dentist!

He is an extremely dedicated dentist who is committed to his patients. Dr. Kohani is warm, caring and understanding. I have referred my family and friends to him, who also think he is an amazing dentist and passionate about his practice. You can feel confident with Dr. Kohani and know he will give you the best results possible.

It is refreshing to see a doctor treat his patients and staff with such respect. I feel lucky to have found a great dental office. A huge thank you to Dr. Kohani and his staff for everything they have done and continue to do for me and my family.

Jodi B.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kohani since 1998 and since then got married and had children, and they all go to see him. I was a typical horrible patient, meaning I didn’t floss and was looking at early gum disease. As a child I had a rotten tooth pulled out at another dental office, and my mouth was a wreck.

Not only does my family go but our friends and their kids go to him. He is NOT only a dentist, he is a true orthodontist, oral surgeon, humanitarian, and all around good guy. He has personally brought a disfigured at birth baby girl from Africa and her mother into his own home and arranged for a life-changing surgery for this child. He has a huge heart and a vast knowledge of his field. Also, he has a lecture once a week at UCLA because of his knowledge in dentistry and orthodontics. He is a true expert in his field.

He has saved us thousands with our oldest daughter in pre-planning her braces and has kept us informed every step of the way to her progress and why he takes the steps he does. Dr. Kohani and his staff have also turned around my oral health and have helped to teach my children how to do the same. He and his staff are amazing and my children aged 15, 12, and 3 look forward to seeing him and his staff because they care. We all look forward to seeing him every visit. I highly recommend Dr. Kohani to all my friends.

Mike H.

Dr. Kohani changed my smile by using his special veneering technique with minimal alteration of my own teeth. He is an absolute perfectionist and does unbelievable work. No one can tell I have veneers; they just notice my bright and shining smile.

A. Samimi

A few years ago, I had a molar that arguably needed a root canal. I say “arguably” because some decay had gotten into the dentin and potentially had compromised the roots. Instead of opting for a root canal, Dr. Kohani carefully cleaned the entire area, packed it with disinfectant, and sealed it. The procedure was painless. Even the initial numbing injection was painless. Several years later, I still have no problems with that tooth. Because Dr. Kohani is a professor of dentistry, he took the time to educate me about my options, what he was doing at the time, and the reasons why he was taking certain steps. He demystified the process and made me feel comfortable, both physically and mentally, about what he was doing at the time and what was coming. I recommend Dr. Kohani highly. It also helps that he has a very good sense of humor.

O. Shami

I have gone to Dr. Kohani a few times now and have had nothing but great experiences. I was impressed with the friendly staff that is welcoming and organized. We all know these visits aren’t necessarily ones we look forward to, but Dr. Kohani makes this experience quite pleasant. He’s a very nice man and phenomenal dentist. I will definitely be returning!

O. LaJeunesse

Definitely the BEST dentist I have ever had! A friend referred me to Dr. Kohani. In the past I have not had good experiences with other dentists. As soon as I met Dr. Kohani, I felt very comfortable. He is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor and his staff is amazing. I am currently doing Invisalign with Dr. Kohani. Every time I go to his office it is a very pleasant experience. Dr. Kohani and his staff are always so warm and welcoming. If you are looking for a good, caring, and honest dentist I recommend Dr. Kohani!

A. Rodriguez

I was new to La Jolla, out looking for a dentist and I actually walked into Dr. Kohani’s office by mistake. Well, it was one of the best mistakes I made. My teeth needed a ton of work and Dr. Kohani did a beautiful job. I needed fillings, root canals and veneers. Dr. Kohani was able to do it all. After I found out his extensive knowledge in dentistry, I felt fortunate to have him for me and my family’s dentist. Dr. Kohani is where professional dentist go to further their craft and he is a true artist. One thing I have learned is people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Well Dr. Kohani knows and cares more than any dentist I have been to. Dr. Kohani and his wonderful staff make a beautiful team.

V. Maxwell