Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Dr. Kohani and his team pride themselves on offering a broad range of services for your oral health needs. Not only can you expect to receive world-class cosmetic care and orthodontic treatment, but also you can undergo specialty services that aim to make your experience at La Jolla Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics in La Jolla, San Diego as comfortable and efficient as possible.

The specialty services that Dr. Kohani provides enhance your patient experience and ensure that you receive treatment that is thorough and precise. Through a comprehensive examination, Dr. Kohani can locate potential problem areas and diagnose conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed. He will also listen to your concerns and design your appointment in a way that brings you peace of mind.

Types of Specialty Services

  • Sedation dentistryDental anxiety is a serious condition that keeps some patients from getting the care they need. Anxiety can come from bad dental experiences in the past that make it difficult for you to receive a dental cleaning or exam. By avoiding the dentist, however, you are putting your oral health at risk. Although you may experience a debilitating fear of the dentist, it should not keep you from receiving treatment.To help every patient feel comfortable during their appointment, Dr. Kohani provides sedation dentistry. The goal of sedation is to relax you completely so that you feel at ease during treatment. Whether you are receiving a general cleaning or a more invasive procedure, conscious sedation can help you put your trust back in your dentist.
  • Sleep apneaSleep apnea occurs as a result of blocked airways that keep your breath from moving freely as you inhale and exhale. The condition happens while you sleep, causing short pauses of breathing that can last for mere seconds or minutes on end. Sleep apnea is particularly harmful due to the effects it has when you are awake. Constant fatigue can pose harm to your day-to-day life.To treat sleep apnea, Dr. Kohani must first receive a diagnosis of the condition, after which he will prescribe a special device that opens the airways and allows you to breathe easily. As a result, you will sleep better and feel more alert during the day.
  • TMJTMJ is a difficult disorder to diagnose, particularly because it often masquerades as other conditions. Frequent headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain, are not usually associated with problems related to your jaw. TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, which hinges your jaw to your face. Due to stress or trauma, the jaw can begin to feel sore, stuck or painful, which can quickly become chronic.When treating TMJ, Dr. Kohani must first relate your symptoms back to your jaw. Only then can he prescribe the right method of treatment. The goal is to retrain the muscles in your face and jaw to function properly and eliminate the discomfort you feel.
  • 3-D digital CT scanX-rays are a crucial part of understanding the health of your teeth. They are the only way for dentists and orthodontists to see the underlying structures of your teeth without using surgical techniques.To provide the most comprehensive care, Dr. Kohani uses radiographs that produce detailed images of your teeth, gums and jaw. A 3-D digital CT scan rotates around your face 360 degrees to create a responsive image of your teeth. With interactive and precise mechanisms, Dr. Kohani can perform personalized treatment planning for your exact needs.

If you would like more information on any of the specialty services we provide, contact La Jolla Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics at 858-295-0603 and schedule a consultation.