Advantages of the 3D Digital CT Scan

Advantages 3D Digital CT Scan

Whether you are receiving a filling or a dental implant, your procedure will likely require x-rays in order for us to locate the exact treatment area and identify any underlying dental concerns that could be present.

To ensure the accuracy of your diagnosis and treatment plan, we take x-rays using a 3D digital CT scan, which is a relatively new technology to enter the dental field. Intraoral cameras and panoramic x-rays were popular predecessors, but the digital CT scan has quickly replaced these more traditional methods due to its added precision.

Although the 3D digital CT scan may look intimidating (more so than traditional x-rays), there’s no reason to be nervous if we decide to use it for your treatment. It’s actually one of the best technologies available for your oral health, here’s why.

Three dimensions are better than two

3D images mean that the x-rays produced come with more detail than their 2D counterparts. Rather than receive x-rays that only depict your teeth, 3D imaging shows your dentition along with surrounding structures such as nerves, sinuses, tissues and airways, which allows us to piece together a better diagnosis and determine reasons for specific dental issues.

The more of your dentition that we are able to see, the better we can predict the outcome of your treatment, which will also provide you with peace of mind, as you will have a better under- standing of what your results will be.

Radiation levels are adjusted for your safety

One of the biggest concerns about x-rays, from patients and dentists alike, is the amount of radiation that patients are exposed to. Many patients feel uncomfortable receiving x-rays due to radiation exposure and may be reluctant to get the treatment they need.

The 3D digital CT scan allows us to adjust the amount of radiation you are exposed to, depending on your demographic. There are settings for children, adults and seniors that expose you to an amount of radiation that will not compromise your health.

Like your treatment, your x-rays are customizable

A significant limitation of traditional x-rays is their inability to be enhanced for a more detailed view of your dentition. Two-dimensional x-rays only come in one exposure, which means that dentists are limited to a single display-setting to make their diagnosis.

Three-dimensional CT scans can be enhanced, rotated, magnified and annotated in order to have a better view of the problem at-hand and create the most accurate diagnosis, treatment plan or surgical guide for you. Dentists now have the ability to see dental issues on a larger scale and suggest treatments that will prevent problems from arising in the future.

Less hassle means more enjoyable treatment

You will feel significantly more comfortable receiving a 3D digital CT scan than you would with more traditional models. Two-dimensional x-rays often require that you place a bulky film holder in your mouth while clamping down on an uncomfortable bite wing — all for an x-ray that lacks precision.

With a 3D digital scan, you will have nothing placed in your mouth. Rather, your head will sit in a chin-rest and be supported by comfortable holders on the machine. All you have to do it sit comfortably while your x-rays are taken.

Receiving a 3D digital CT scan will only improve your dentition and keep you smiling beautifully for years to come. For more information about 3D scans or any of the other procedures we offer, contact La Jolla Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics at 858-295-0603 and schedule a consultation.