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What Happens if TMJ Disorder Is Left Untreated?

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Wondering what will happen if your TMJ disorder persists without receiving any treatment? TMJ disorder can cause pain, headaches, and other unwanted issues. If left untreated, TMJ disorder can worsen and result in chronic pain, dental problems, and the need

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How to Find the Fastest Treatment for TMJ Disorder

2 Minute Read:  TMJ disorder (or TMD) causes painful stiffness that radiates from the jaw. This can manifest suddenly, leaving sufferers scrambling to find relief.  Many people look to their doctors, which often leads to a referral to a specialist.

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What is TMJ and How Does it Affect Your Smile?

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7 Min Read   Patients and doctors alike tend to misdiagnose or under-diagnose TMJ disorder as they believe its symptoms to be a result of other health issues. However, without proper diagnosis and treatment, symptoms will eventually progress and become

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