How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

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Many children and even adults don’t like visiting their dentist any more than they like seeing their doctor for an annual checkup. Fear of the dentist, also known as dental phobia, is common and nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. Unfortunately, many patients avoid going to the dentist altogether, which can lead to oral health issues, such as cavities, bad breath, sensitive gums, and other conditions, that can harm their social life. At La Jolla Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics, we are here to help you conquer your fear using these friendly methods to make your dental experience more enjoyable.

Find a Dentist You Trust

Perhaps past experiences with a dentist who was “not so nice” have caused you to feel anxious and walk the other way when coming across a dentist’s office. One of the very first steps to overcoming your fear of the dentist is finding one you feel comfortable with. Doing research or asking a friend to recommend a trustworthy dentist is a step in the right direction to help you cope with your fear.

Talk With Your Dentist

Once you have found a dentist you feel comfortable with, it is essential to establish good communication and a healthy relationship with them. Openly communicating your concerns regarding certain dental procedures or past experiences can be a vital step to overcoming your fear. Your dentist can also determine the root of your anxiety to make your experience less frightening. Dr. Kohani makes it his goal to get to know his patients so they are comfortable with him chairside during their appointments.

Taking Your Mind Off the Procedure

Using simple methods to distract you during your visit can help significantly in overcoming your fear of the dentist. Watching television or listening to music during your visit are great ways to take your mind off your teeth while they are being cleaned or filled. Using a stress ball can also help you feel more relaxed while you are in the dental chair. Be sure to ask your dentist if you can listen to some soothing music or watch a movie during your checkup.

Bring Someone With You to Your Appointment

Whether it’s going to an audition, a job interview, or the dentist, moral support from a close friend or family member always helps calm the nerves. Consider asking someone to accompany you to your appointment if you are afraid of going alone. Knowing someone you trust is in the same room as you can help you feel relaxed and less frightened.

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