5 Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Bleeding gums is a result of poor dental hygiene care. You can take care of gum health by brushing your teeth properly.

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Bleeding and weak gums are unflattering and can cause serious health concerns if they are not taken care of immediately.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of gums and can worsen into periodontitis disease.

It is critical to put dental hygiene care at the top of your priority list.

Luckily, there are simple preventive measures you can take to ensure your gums are healthy, strong, and free of diseases.

How Can I Keep My Gums Healthy?

Here are 5 ways you can keep your gums healthy:

1. Proper Oral Hygiene

This may seem intuitive, but maintaining proper oral hygiene is by far the most important step in ensuring healthy, strong gums.

The first step to ensure proper oral hygiene is to make sure you are brushing your teeth properly for a whole two minutes.

The proper way to brush your teeth is to first start by cleaning the outer surfaces of your upper and lower teeth. Then, move on to the inner surfaces, the chewing surfaces, and the tongue.

You should change your toothbrush every three months and use an antibacterial toothpaste.

2. Stop Smoking

There are no good outcomes that come with smoking cigarettes. Smoking can not only cause lung cancer, but it can also cause you to develop gum disease over time.

The enamel on your teeth will also weaken, and your teeth will turn yellow from the nicotine.

3. Do Not Share Food or Drinks

It is important to stop sharing foods and drinks with other people because gum disease and bleeding gums are contagious.

This includes not sharing toothbrushes, water glasses, and anything else that comes in contact with another person’s mouth.

4. Visit the Dentist Regularly

Unfortunately, the dentist’s office is a place where most people think they can go months without visiting. It is important to not skip out on your regular checkup appointments with your dentist otherwise conditions like periodontal disease can occur.

Periodontal diseases are infections in the structures around the teeth, including the gums, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligament. The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis, which is gum disease.

The disease only worsens, so regular trips to the dentist and practicing dental hygiene skills will lessen the probability of this disease from worsening.

5. Limit Sugary Foods

You can keep your gums healthy and cavities far away by modifying your diet to include foods high in nutrients and vitamins.

A new way to care for your dental hygiene at home is by incorporating turmeric, a popular spice used in Indian cuisine, into your diet.

A 2015 study conducted at King George’s Medical University found that turmeric is an effective mechanism to fight off gingivitis and plaque build-up.

Food items that are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium are ideal for healthy gums and building strong teeth enamel.

Some food options for healthy gums include:

  • Apples
  • Ginger
  • Dairy
  • Spinach
  • Celery

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