Will My Root Canal Therapy Be Painful?

3 Minute Read:  There are many myths surrounding root canal therapy that can scare potential patients, even to the point of preventing them from seeking treatment. One of the most misunderstood elements of root canal therapy is the pain it

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Are Energy Sports Drinks Harmful to My Teeth?

2 Minute Read:  Energy sports drinks are everywhere. Advertisements pop up online and during television commercials, and they appear in bright, bold colors in stores. Marketing for energy sports drinks often hints at physical fitness or the thrill of extreme

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What Type of Dentures Do I Need?

2 Minute Read:  Maintaining dental health is hard. Even with diligent care, there may come a time when you have considered a tooth replacement option. While permanent dental implants are always the go-to recommendation, dental implants can be expensive, especially

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What is TMJ and How Does it Affect Your Smile?

how tmj affects your smile dentistry san diego

7 Min Read   Patients and doctors alike tend to misdiagnose or under-diagnose TMJ disorder as they believe its symptoms to be a result of other health issues. However, without proper diagnosis and treatment, symptoms will eventually progress and become

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